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Opening up your irrigation system in the spring and closing it up for the fall are both big jobs. They are both labor intensive jobs and require a certain technical expertise to do correctly. There is penalty to be paid for doing them incorrectly. That penalty is a system that is broken or doesn’t function at full efficiency. Expensive equipment can be damaged and need repair. You can save yourself the time and avoid damaging your sprinklers by getting expert help with openings and closings. Let us do the dirty work for you. We will open and close your system to ensure it is fully functional and will last for years to come.

Spring Opening

Montreal has some of the harshest winter weather on Earth. Snow, sleet, rain and freezing temperatures all take a toll on your expensive irrigation system. When the winter is finally over and the spring comes it is important to take proper care of your system before you begin using it. If you are an existing customer of Boucherville Irrigation we will notify you and schedule a date to open your irrigation system. That will save you the bother of remembering to call us. We will arrange everything for you. When the time comes our team of experts will open the water source, inspect and fully test your system, zone by zone. We will ensure everything is working correctly and nothing needs replacing. We will make any necessary adjustments, clean heads, valves, and re-set your automatic irrigation controller as necessary. We will ensure that your irrigation system is fully functional when we leave. You will be able to start manicuring your lawn and growing your garden for the season with confidence in your irrigation system. Should any larger issues occur during an opening, we will contact you and discuss necessary repairs

Fall Closings

As an existing customer of ours, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes time to close up your system for the winter. We call you!  We will begin winterization or "blow-out" of you system around late September. During the winterization process we remove all excess water from your irrigation system, zone by zone. It is crucial to properly close your irrigation system for the winter. Simply turning off the water is not enough. Any water left in the system will freeze and expand. That expansion will cause significant damage to your system. Come spring, you will face costly repairs unless you properly prepare your system for the winter weather.

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