Irrigation rive sud

systemes d'arrosage rive sud

Automatic sprinklers

 Take the worry and hassle out of keeping your lawn and garden beautiful all summer long. Homeowners can eliminate the hassle of watering their lawn and free up time during the best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors with automatic sprinklers. No worrying about setting aside time for arranging hoses and sprinklers. No worrying about the right time for watering. No worrying about how much water to provide. Homeowners can have a beautiful and lush green lawn to enjoy, worry free.
We can provide a smooth transition to automatic  irrigation for your lawn and garden. Simply call us and arrange a time for an estimation. We will arrive at your home at the agreed upon time to meet with you or your contractor. At that time we will walk around your property and discuss your options. We will pay close attention to your individual landscaping plans. The size of your lawn, your gardening plans, your decorative shrubs and plants, flowerbeds, etc. will all be taken into account. During this time we will also test your water pressure. Based on your home’s water system and your landscaping plans we will then walk you through a few personalized automatic irrigation systems for your home.

Once you have chosen the right automatic irrigation system for your home it will always be installed by professionals who use the highest quality materials. Rest assured, you will have a product that will keep your landscape investment protected for years to come.
You will experience the following benefits:

  •  No more over or under watering.
  •  The perfect amount of water for each area of your garden.
  •  Watering at the optimum time of day.
  •  No dry spots.
  •  Enjoy more family time.
  •  Increases relaxation and enjoyment of your yard.
  • Leave town worry-free.

Ask us about installing a rain-sensor

Rain sensors determine whether or not enough rainfall has occurred in order to skip an irrigation cycle. Rain Sensors are beneficial in reducing associated water use and costs as well as protecting your landscape against over-watering.


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