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Today’s savvy home owners know that lighting is an important part of any landscape design. There are multiple reasons why it is important to incorporate lighting into any landscaping. Adding landscape lighting will illuminate the entrances, pathways, and buildings of your property. Lighting can be used to create a safe and secure environment. Lighting can also be used to create dramatic focal points at your home or place of business. During the summer outdoor lighting can accent the beauty of gardens pool areas and yards. With landscape lighting people can enjoy the outdoors late into the night during the warm weather. Landscape lighting can also be used to accent your beautiful trees and plants. Our  lighting solutions are custom designed for your property.


Safety is a paramount concern for homeowners. Darkness poses a significant safety hazard both inside and outside the house. Just as you must have lights to illuminate the stairs inside a house so that the stairs are safe to navigate when it is dark you must have illumination for the stairs and pathways outside the house. The safety of your family, friends and guests when entering or leaving your home is a big benefit of outdoor lighting. Home exteriors pose a host of potential dangers. There are many tripping hazards like stairs, pools, stones, uneven paving and tree roots. Illuminating the hazardous areas makes them visible for everyone to see and that will help prevent injuries. Outdoor lighting becomes even more important in the winter when the night is longer and snow and ice pose a hazard to people trying to navigate outdoors. It is the duty of the  homeowner to prevent injuries to guests they invite onto their property, and outside lighting plays an important role in fulfilling that duty.

Home Security

No homeowner would skip installing locks on their doors. It would be an obvious lapse in home security. The same is true for installing lights for the outside of your house. Illuminating the outside of your house makes you less of a target for criminals. Outside lights prevent criminals from approaching your home without your knowledge. Illuminating potential hiding spots on your property gives you peace of mind. When choosing where to place lights for security reasons look around and spot the areas where a person might try to gain entrance to the house or hide. Doorways, backyards, cellar entrance ways, and windows are usually focal points for security concerns. Illuminating those places and paths around the house and other landscaping features like shrubs that are potential places of concealment will help keep your home and family secure.


Landscape lighting can greatly enhance your home’s exterior appearance. Properly positioned lights provide focal points for the most beautiful features of your landscaping such as flower beds or statuary. When you have carefully chosen flowers, shrubs, trees and plants for their beauty it will extend your enjoyment of them to be able see them lit up at night. Properly positioned lighting will showcase the charm and beauty of the house you work so hard to keep beautiful. It will make your house stand out at night and boost the curb appeal of a house you are selling.
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