EZ-FLO Main Line Systems Feed the Entire Irrigated Area Automatically.

EZ-FLO Main Line Systems attach directly to your in-ground sprinkler and drip irrigation system. Every time you use your irrigation system, EZ-FLO releases small, precision doses of water soluble or liquid fertilizers into the water stream automatically. One system will feed through both sprinkler and drip irrigation zones without the need to make any adjustments or nozzle changes to compensate for water flow or water pressure.

Main Line Systems have been designed to connect directly to your irrigation system after an approved backflow prevention device. They are designed to withstand constant static water pressure present in your irrigation system. These units are constructed of heavy-walled, UV-Resistant PVC and have no moving parts making them very reliable, dependable and maintenance-free.

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1.5 gallon (5.7 liters)




Nothing Compares to the Results You will Enjoy with an EZ-FLO Automatic Fertilizing System.

Having an EZ-FLO System is like having a full-time gardener fertilizing your property every time you water, carefully feeding the entire landscape and caring for the soil and all the plant life. EZ-FLO feeds gently, in small amounts, every time your irrigation system waters, allowing the plants to develop healthier root masses that make them stronger, more drought tolerant and less susceptible to insects and disease.

Fertigation is the Superior Way to Fertilize.

There are numerous studies documenting the effectiveness of applying fertilizers using fertigation vs. traditional granular application of fertilizers. Fertilizer uptake into the plants can be as high as 90% vs. much lower absorption levels for traditional fertilizers, even those that are time released. Much of our countries non-point source pollution (NPSP) results from fertilizer runoff. EZ-FLO virtually eliminates fertilizer runoff since it is supplied to the landscape in small amounts and therefore most of the fertilizer can be absorbed by the plants.

EZ-FLO Systems are a Sound Investment for Your Landscape

Most people have a significant investment in their landscaping either from paying a landscape contractor for installation and maintenance or through their own "sweat equity." EZ-FLO protects your substantial landscape investment and costs only a fraction of what you paid for your plantings or your irrigation system. Since you will typically use 70-90% less fertilizer and 25-50% less water, it pays for itself in no time! All while reducing or eliminating the need for expensive and environmentally dangerous herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

Transplant shock can be virtually eliminated when you use an EZ-FLO system and fertilizers with new plantings. Landscapes mature more quickly giving you greater enjoyment for the money spent. Our systems are designed to provide years of trouble-free service to protect your landscape and to save you time.

For more information on the cost of EZ-FLO Fertigation and why it is less costly than other fertilizing methods, please Contact us for more details.