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We schedule an appointment to discuss the installation of a new irrigation system with the prospective client. After an extensive evaluation of the property's landscape, it is then determined what the best type of irrigation system is.

Next, the water test is conducted. The static and dynamic water pressure is measured. The GPM or (gallons per minute) is also determined thus providing us with the necessary information to design a proper system. This is a key step that many irrigation contractors fail to perform. A poorly designed system can add unnecessary costs, or poor under watering performance.

The brands of products used in the construction of the system are discussed. We feel it is important for a customer to ask questions, therefore better understanding the products and their functions. Many irrigation companies choose only to feature one particular brand of products. We feel that certain products perform better in certain yards depending on several factors, which are determined during the evaluation.

Then, with the home or business owner, we discuss and determine the location for the visible components such as the backflow preventor, and the irrigation controller.

Upon agreement, we will provide the client with a detailed written contract, and schedule.

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